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Perisher Valley


First in, First Served - on payment of rooms.
Booking forms are sent to all Members at the same time. Forms are also available as a printable pdf from here. Members may make up parties which include non-members and be booked in at the same time as members. Please give alternative dates, particularly for school holidays. Under no circumstances can the Lodge house more than 16 occupants.

Members' rates apply to spouse and dependent children, including full-time students up to age 25.

Money is refunded on application in writing 4 full weeks before date booked. All other cancellations at the discretion of the Board, on a sliding scale.

From Sunday to Sunday

Incoming occupants have access only to ski-room in basement before 2pm on Sundays. Luggage, food, skis, etc should be stowed neatly without blocking access to exit door and drying room. The ski room in the basement is quite cold and food will not spoil for the few hours left there. This enables cleaners to do their work, including cleaning refrigerators. Please co-operate.

: Please ensure that you vacate your room, kitchen, living rooms, etc by 10am. Remove your food from refrigerators and food cupboards and either take them home, throw them out, or leave on a bench with a note for incoming guests and date. This will enable cleaners to do their work.
Broken Week occupants: Please dispose of food left-overs and clean bedroom and bathroom. Bedrooms should be vacated by 10am.

No special rates - the Lodge operates on beds, as this is the basis of fees charged by the National Parks. Children under 5 years of age in WINTER are only admitted if the whole Lodge is booked by either one or more groups agreeing to admit children under 5. Please enquire.
If children are under 2 years of age, in cots (own responsibility for cot, sheets, etc) and do not take up a bed or room, there is no charge, but the Booking Officer must be advised (essential to clear this). Please ensure young children sleep on waterproof mattress covers (only 2 available at Lodge). We are licensed for 16 people only - including children.

Arrangements have been made for the Lodge to be cleaned every Sunday between 10am and 2pm.

Occupants are responsible for stripping beds, (linen, towels - must be dry - to be placed in laundry bags in ski-room), clearing rubbish, emptying waste paper baskets, bathroom bins, leaving bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, drying room and kitchen clean and in tidy condition.
Broken week occupants must clean own bedrooms & bathrooms at end of stay (check with booking officer).
It is assumed that members and guests work together to keep communal areas clean and tidy during their stay at the Lodge.

Please remember to put out garbage and laundry at the times specified on the Notice Board. When the clean laundry comes back please put it in the Linen Cupboard in the appropriate piles. Double bed sheets and singles should be separated - so much easierl THE LODGE IS YOURS - LOOK AFTER IT AND ITS CONTENTS. Remember: Your guests are your responsibility, if you do not accompany them advise them of the rules, or refer them to the Booking Officer.

Complete telephone forms and remit payment to the address on the HOME page ASAP on return home. The telephone was installed as a service to occupants, rates for use include a surcharge to cover rental. Rates are on the board above the phone. The Lodge is run on a voluntary basis, we do not want to chase telephone bills! Lodge phone no: (02) 6457 5282

Please advise of any breakages, malfunctions.

The TV will only play DVDs. No TV reception. There are a few DVDs (mainly for children) which have been donated by members. Please do not remove them from Lodge. You are welcome to bring your own or rent from Perisher Centre.

UPSTAIRS LOUNGE: The music system (inside cupboard) includes radio, tape deck & CD player. Bring your own tapes & CDs. Children should be discouraged from using the system. iPods can be connected.

Thanks to donations by members we have some reading material. These tend to disappear so more donations would be greatly appreciated.

Laundry bags should be placed outside the Lodge door by 8am on Monday mornings. Clean linen is returned in Laundry bags on Wednesdays or Thursdays and will be found in basement. Please ensure linen is put in linen cupboard in appropriate shelf positions. Do your utmost to sort sheets according to singles/doubles/queen.

We have organised maintenance of the Lodge, opening & closing pre and post season, and every Sunday during the season from 10am -2pm. Please co-operate!

Weekly cleaning does not absolve occupants from some responsibilities! Please:
- Strip beds (not mattress protectors unless stained)
- Place dirty linen and towels in laundry bag in basement- Empty bins and wastepaper baskets.
- Bedrooms and bathrooms should be cleared on Sunday morning, the cleaners are not there to move articles.
- If you arrive on Friday or stay over for more than one week, please ensure that all your belongings are on the beds and toilet articles are not left in the bathrooms.
- Whoever bakes and uses oven and/or griller MUST clean it immediately after dinner!
- Some cleaning in the kitchen and living rooms is essential as you go along.
- Spillage on stoves, floors, etc should be cleaned up immediately.
Remember If you use it - clean it!

We would like to avoid installing a pay phone, however in recent years members and their guests have become more careless in settling their telephone bills at the end of their stay The administration of the Lodge is a voluntary job and checking phone bills, tracing callers and asking for payment should not be necessary .... Please remember to remit the amount of your telephone calls Immediately on your return home. Carbon copies (left at Lodge) to be made of phone calls, original to accompany payment. Rates are clearly written up above the phone. Telephone and breakages rely on an honour system, please respect it.

Perisher Blue Volunteer Ski Patrol
Snowboarders and telemarkers are most welcome to join the volunteer patrol.
Cross-country patrol has recently formed and is recruiting new members. Anyone interested in joining, please contact Peter Kaim (secretary) GPO Box 4702, Sydney 2001

In Conclusion
For on snow accommodation, with linen and towels provided, this is very good value. For members this is dirt cheap!
Your old paperbacks will be read avidly during inclement weather.
Any donations of books, games, videos, etc would be greatly appreciated.
We also require some seating for the video/games room.

The Future of Tarrawonga is in your hands.